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Knowledge Base

Helping you make the most of our website and the features that are available

Where Does A Sponsored Member Advertise on Which Development Agency?

The logo and branding of sponsored members will appear in various locations on Which Development Agency. If your company is looking for maximum exposure then you should think about becoming a sponsored member.

Which Development Agency allows up to five sponsored members for each technology on the site. For example, if you are an agency specialising in Drupal then you have the option to become and sponsored member for this technology. Your agency and branding will appear in the most prominent positions throughout the site, giving your agency maximum exposure. The examples are listed below.

  • Banner above search results: A creative banner of your agency to be displayed above the search results. (example)
  • Top of the search: Your agency will be listed at the top of the searches for the technologies it specialises in. (example)
  • Sidebar: Your profile will be advertised on the sidebar of the website, which includes listings, case studies and other articles posted to the site. (example)
  • Main technology page: A creative banner will be displayed on the main technology page and certain sector pages you are strong in. (example)
  • Logo: (with link to profile) Your logo will be displayed on the main technology page ‘above the fold’. (example)
  • Additional Service Pages: (with link to profile) Your logo to be displayed on future pages which are created (i.e. additional services provided – hosting, support etc). (example)
  • Location: A creative to be displayed on location page of your agency. (example)

Not Just On Our Website Too!

The profile of a sponsored member will also be displayed on other 3rd party websites which are suitable for their brand. For example; if the member is a sponsor for Shopify then we will reach out to our partners which have content relating to Shopify and the services they offer.

There are many blogs on the internet if you search for ‘Shopify’ on Google. We will reach out to these site administrators to discuss advertising options for our sponsored members so they reach another new audience. This is all part of the services we provide.

One of our partners is CollectiveRay, we would look to work with them for agencies who specialise in WordPress and Joomla as they have lots of great content relating to these technologies.

For information on becoming a sponsored member for the technology you specialise in please get in touch [email protected]